The HUNT Career Program

INDEVCO Recruitment Unit organized its first edition of ‘The HUNT’ Career Program in 2018 to attract promising fresh graduates seeking employment within a manufacturing environment. After an intensive multi-stage process, the group welcomes Raphaella Saliba to INDEVCO Global Communications Department, Patrick Sakr to Phoenix Energy, and Sandro Kassas to Micro Epsilon. Jean-Paul Skayem and Jose Zouein will join the group following graduation in 2019.

INDEVCO Recruitment Unit launched ‘The HUNT’ program during job fairs across universities in Lebanon in the spring and through interviews, selecting bright Mechanical, Electrical, and Industrial Engineering, as well as Marketing and Management students to participate. Twenty five (25) shortlisted candidates then engaged in a two-stage program to compete for the internships.
During Stage 1, candidates participated in full-day outdoors activities at Deir El Qamar on 20 July for the assessment of their individual and group skills in team building, planning, analysis, interactivity, creativity, and time management. The top 14 candidates progressed to Stage 2, in which they were allocated projects to present to specialized juries in the field. Mechanical Engineers developed mouse trap cars; Electrical Engineers developed automation systems; Industrial Engineers presented projects on digital transformation; and Marketers developed an e-waste recycling program.

Five candidates were then selected as winners of one-year internships, sponsored by INDEVCO, with an additional one-year career track of renewal for high-performing interns.



Raphaella Saliba

The HUNT journey was a unique and impressive experience. We spent very exciting day at Der al Qamar, it was full of competitive games, where we used our skills and creativity to challenge ourselves and other teams.

In the second stage of The HUNT, I did my best in preparing and presenting the Marketing project in front of INDEVCO jury. And I was very grateful and satisfied when I received the congratulations letter from INDEVCO Recruiting Unit team. I would like to thank INDEVCO Recruiting team for being very supportive through all the phases of The HUNT.

Sandro Kassas

The HUNT program was a rich experience, in that, the full day event at Deir El Qamar was well organized and innovative, and the project was interesting and relevant.

INDEVCO managed to exceed my expectations in providing a challenging recruitment process while making me feel like I’m part of the team.

Patrick Sakr

Stage 1 of The HUNT was a very fun and interactive day spent at Deir El Qamar. Every detail was planned by the HROD team which led to a great and well organized event. We had the chance to meet all the HROD team and many skilled candidates.

Working within a team has brought so much excitement in completing the given tasks. The day was fast paced and challenging in all its aspects: General knowledge, Problem solving, Brain teasing, Team work...

Jose Zouein

The HUNT is a very interesting and new recruitment process! I am very lucky that I was chosen between the 25 candidates to participate in the Career Day where we worked in groups and gave our best throughout teamwork, games, riddles and creativity!

The second stage of The HUNT was the technical part, we had projects to present in front of a jury followed by a little discussion. This contest is very fruitful and targeted with a weekly follow up through quizzes and riddles and I wish everyone could live this new experience!”