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Summer Training

INDEVCO Group has a highly prolific and sought-after summer training program in Lebanon, KSA and Egypt.

Students choose INDEVCO summer training for their effective program design, proficient trainers, the group's diverse industrial structure and the sense of professionalism in its companies.

Similarly, INDEVCO Group believes in the capacity of its trainees and actively seeks to open career paths to students of engineering, business, technology and many other disciplines.


  • Apply your education to a practical, career-related job
  • Gain valuable training in a supportive environment
  • Improve your academic performance
  • Boost your employability after graduation
  • Confirm your choice in the career you have chosen
  • Learn interpersonal skills expected in a job setting
  • Travel and experience new cultures



  • High potential students from universities or technical institutes:
    • In their second academic year or above for majors requiring 3 to 4 years to graduation such as Business Administration and others
    • In their third academic year or above for majors requiring 5 years to graduation such as Engineering
  • Candidates are eligible after undergoing a successful screening/interviewing process at INDEVCO Recruitment Unit



  • The summer training program is offered only in July, August and September
  • Training applications are accepted starting January till end of March
  • The training duration for engineers and technicians ranges between 30 and 60 days; as for other majors, the duration is 30 days
  • Required documents: CV, ID copy, passport photo, and a letter issued from the university requesting summer training

Apply for a summer training: