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At INDEVCO, we invite you to explore our vacancies and summer training in Cyprus, Egypt, the United Kingdom, Greece, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Ghana and the United States. Our vacancies vary between different fields; while our summer training equips students with skills needed for employment and quality jobs.

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    Social Responsibility

    Addressing unique social and cultural factors in the communities in which we operate, we run initiatives covering Arab women’s wellbeing, childhood development in the Middle East, and youth empowerment in Lebanon, as well as focus internally on employee occupational health and safety and diversity and inclusion. Learn More

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    ENVIRONMENTAL Sustainability
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Antoine Chalhoub

Electro-Mechanical Engineer, ESIB - trained at NRPPC, Riyad

On the technical end, I experienced the industrial world for the first time, saw the machine working, attended workshops, helped to repair errors, and happily completed the tasks I was assigned. The experience I gained helped increase my knowledge exponentially.

Antoine Richa

Mechanical Engineer, NDU - trained at NPPC, Dammam

Summer training at NPPC ‐ Napco National was more interesting than what I expected. The Lebanese departments organized everything perfectly with the Saudi Arabian party.

Charbel Karam

Electrical Engineer, LU - trained at NPCL, Jeddah

This training was very beneficial; it gave me hands‐on a unique and a diversified experience. I also learned through my interactions with NPCL's employees the importance of commitment, punctuality, and teamwork.

Daniel Abou Rjeily

Mechanical Engineer, NDU - trained at UPPC, Jeddah

I had the chance to expand my knowledge extensively in the flexible packaging sector and to meet directly with other engineers and professionals working in a team environment.

Elie Mahfoud

Electrical Engineer, NDU - trained at NCPC, Dammam

Even though the training period was barely a month, I have learned many new concepts while applying them directly through given practical exercises such as motor starters, drives, and protection equipment that I have only seen theoretically at the University.

Fadi Ghosh

Mechanical Engineer, BAU - trained at Compact, Dammam

I was impressed by the whole atmosphere in the plant, the people working there, the huge machines and the technologies used.

Marc Salibi

Electrical Engineer, LAU - trained at Uniplast, Jeddah

I felt that my training at Uniplast taught me the basics of electrical engineering as well as how the plastic industry and its machines work.

Patrick Sakr

Mechanical Engineer, NDU - trained at Easternpak, Dammam

I consider myself very lucky being part of this training since I had the chance to acquire a great deal of information pertaining the corrugated packaging industry. I am also thankful to have met so many wonderful people and professionals who led me through this internship period.

Samer Kfoury

Chemical Engineer, UOB - trained at ModernTech, Dammam

The on the job training (OJT) is like a training manual in which the trainee can follow the designated training topics, and the mentor in charge of each topic can approve and sign to assure its completion. This method facilitated my training and ensured that I learned the slightest details without neglecting any part of the required training.


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  • L’Ecole Supérieure D’Ingénieurs De Beyrouth (ESIB)

    November 6, 2023
    11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Saint Joseph University Of Beirut - Huvelin

    February 21, 2024
    11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • American University Of Technology

    February 22, 2024
    9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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